Journey/Experience Maps

A journey map shows all of the user’s individual interactions (touchpoints or pain points) with a website or application. This journey map depicts the 26 year involvement for a fictional veteran who was wounded during the War on Terror. It lists the physical, emotional, social, and financial impact of that injury, as well as the veteran’s touch points with the Department of Veterans Affairs throughout his life.

This is an enlargement of the area on the journey map at the time of the veteran’s injury and discharge from the service.

An experience map, on the other hand, focuses on a much shorter timeline. In these examples, a variety of airline pricing analysts were shadowed for a single workday. The objective was twofold: document what applications they worked with to complete their job task, and document their satisfaction with each of the applications they have to use

Another type of experience map is the user ecosystem diagram. This one was created to show the various touch points during the creation and implementation of an airline fare. The central focus was a new pricing analyst workspace (in blue).